Well hey now!
Ok, so you've gotten this far.  That means we've taken your pictures and paid your session invoice, now we need to complete the next steps.  There are three steps to the process.  Let me explain what happens next...

Proofing and your final selections
I'll take all of the session pictures and download them.  Once downloaded I'll review them and start picking selections for your proofing gallery.   I'll remove pictures that have closed eyes,  awkward looks or poses.  You will not see any of these.  Once I've selected proofs and uploaded them you will receive a link from me to your proofs gallery.   The link I send you is only can only be accessed by people with the gallery link, no one else.  If you want others to see it you need to provide them with that same link.

A quick word on proofs.  Proofs are exactly that, they are an unfinished product very much like a rough demo of a musician's songs.  They exist so you can make your final selections which will then be crafted into the final  product.   Now it's your turn.  With the link to the proofs in hand you'll now need to review the proofs and determine which of the images you want to turn into finished images.  Take your time with this part of the process.   Personally I find it's good to take a look and then come back to them a day or so later.   Pick based on the expression of the image and don't discount something based on "Oh,  my teeth are a little yellow or I have a scratch on my face"  this all gets taken care of in the next phase of the process, post processing.  Also, use the last four digits of the image when identifying your selection.  Email me the selections using this format: 4459 4460 4522 (no commas only spaces). Please do not add descriptions, etc.  only the four digits.  These images selections will need to be emailed to doug@drathburnphoto.com with Image Selections as the subject line.   Please do not text or message me the selections, having them in my email allows me to track everything much more easily.

Post processing the final selected images
Ah yes, post processing, my favorite part of the process.  Once you have selected your final images I then take each one and bring them into Photoshop.  I have an entire custom workflow I run each picture through.  Skin tones get color corrected, blemishes get removed and any other general color corrections as well as image cropping occur during this stage.  One note on Photoshop...Please don't ask me to remove features that make you "you" such as moles, wrinkles, etc.  I also won't make you look 10 years younger or 30 pounds lighter either :)   Here's an example of a retouch-

The second image is the retouched version.  Skin tones are color corrected, cameras usually tend to reproduce these tones on the red end of the color spectrum.  Any blemishes and oddities (the bag) are also removed.  Eye color is enhanced very slightly to bring out the natural color.  The background exposure and color saturation has been adjusted to allow the subject to "pop" out of the background. Finally some slight sharpening is added to the final image.  Each individual is unique so the edits are applied based on what best suits you.

If there are any images you'd like in addition to  the offered selections there is an additional fee of $35.00 per image.  This covers the  full image edit and processing.

The end process and printing
Once this process is complete I will upload the edited images to a separate gallery where you can then select the images and sizes that you wanted printed.  Printing is done through  specific labs of my choice which have been selected based on their customer service, product offerings and print quality.  

If you want additional prints you can order them directly through the gallery  just hit the "Buy" button and you will then be presented with size and paper type options.  At this point you will also be able to crop the images if needed.  I offer two paper options for print, Lustre and metallic.  Both are fantastic for portrait reproduction.  Lustre is more of a traditional matte (no gloss) finish while metallic has more of a glossy finish but also offers an iridescent 3D look, skin tones and anything black and white looks gorgeous with this paper. Metallic is actually my preferred paper when I print for display.

Well, hopefully this helps you in understanding the workflow process after we enjoy our session.


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